Type Name Description Duty Typical Thickness
1 Floor seal normally applied in two coats water based light up to 150u
2 Floor Coating applied in two or more coats usually solvent free light to medium 150u to 300u
3 High Build Coating applied in two or more coats light to medium 300u to 1000u (1mm)
4 Multi Layer Flooring aggregate "sandwich" system built up layers medium to heavy >2mm
5 Flow Applied self-smoothing medium to heavy 2mm to 3mm
6 Resin Screed Trowel Applied heavily filled sometimes sealed medium to heavy >4mm
7 Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring having a smooth surface Heavy to Very Heavy Duty 4-6mm
8 Heavy Duty Resin Flooring Trowel Applied effectively impervious very heavy duty >6mm
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Multi-layers flooring, often referred to as a ‘sandwich’ system, and requires highly specialist application techniques. A type 4 system is generally laid from 2mm upwards depending on its specifications, and may be sealed or aggregate dressed to provide a textured finish. It is formed using resin coats and suitable aggregates, then further resin coats to give a finish of the desired texture and thickness.


This type of resin floor system is suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications including regular foot traffic, constant fork lift truck traffic and hard plastic-wheeled trolleys with resistance to some impact.





 a 3mm Build up system for heavy duty application at Expect Distribution Bradford.



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