The Resin Guide is based on the work of the Resin Flooring association who have been involved in applying Synthetic Resin Flooring since the earliest development of such resins in the 1960’s.

In separate sections the Guide gives recommendations for the classification, for the design, for substrate preparation, for the application and for the inspection and testing of the Synthetic Resin Flooring. Its scope includes all floorings based on liquid synthetic resin binders, in which curing takes place by chemical reaction of the resin components, applied to a direct finished concrete slab or screed or to an existing concrete floor. The terminology ‘resin’ is derived from the epoxy resin on which the first resin floorings were based. Many different types of chemicals are now used to manufacture resin floorings but the one common feature is that a polymerisation or ‘curing reaction’ takes place in situ to produce the final synthetic resin finish. Synthetic resin flooring is available in a wide range of thickness from thin floor seals to heavy duty industrial protection. The resulting flooring can provide a seamless surface with greatly enhanced performance compared to the concrete base on which it is applied.

The main advantages of synthetic resin floorings can be summarised as follows:
a) strong permanent bond to the concrete base
b) excellent resistance to a wide spectrum of aggressive chemicals
c) impermeable to liquids
d) increased toughness, durability, resilience, and resistance to impact or abrasion
e) hygienic and easily cleaned surfaces
f) greater resistance to cracking
g) low applied thickness
h) rapid installation and curing with minimum disruption to normal operations
This document is the basis for the new British Standard Code of Practice for Synthetic Resin Floorings BS 8204-6.


[table sort="desc"]
Type,Name,Description,Duty,Typical Thickness
1,Floor seal,normally applied in two coats water based,light,up to 150u
2,Floor Coating,applied in two or more coats usually solvent free,light to medium,150u to 300u
3,High Build Coating,applied in two or more coats,light to medium,300u to 1000u (1mm)
4,Multi Layer Flooring,aggregate "sandwich" system built up layers,medium to heavy,>2mm
5,Flow Applied,self-smoothing,medium to heavy,2mm to 3mm
6,Resin Screed,Trowel Applied heavily filled sometimes sealed,medium to heavy,>4mm
7,Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring,having a smooth surface,Heavy to Very Heavy Duty,4-6mm
8,Heavy Duty Resin Flooring,Trowel Applied effectively impervious,very heavy duty,>6mm

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