With nearly 25 years experience in Industrial flooring and Concrete Repair , specialising in Resilient Flooring based on Epoxy Resin and Polymer Technology, we now offer those tried and field tested products to the end user.

Reprotec UK operate nationally from our base in County Durham in the North East England.

The limited company was formed in 1988 as a specialist building maintenance products Company and rapidly developed a wide and effective range, particularly in the area of resin repair and protection systems. Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Paint is significantly better(thicker and tougher) than one pack Polyurethanes and Acrylic Finishes, whilst these may be cheaper to buy initially, they will cost considerably more in the long term. Not all solvent free Epoxy Floor Paint is the same, we have developed these products over 25 years and our products have been tested on site not just in the laboratory.

As our reputation for the development of advanced repair and protection technologies grew, the decision was made to offer the range of products on-line through Reprotec Material Sales, part of the Reprotec Group of Companies.

We have developed these products for the works manager, site engineers and project managers based on our contracting experience. we have developed these products for their ease of use and excellent performance.

We are based in the North East of England and have particular expertise in the Anti Slip finishesFloor repairs;Concrete and Masonry repair and protectionliquid applied damp proof membranes; along with protective coating systems which include Chemical, Hygiene and Corrosion protection.