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Type,Name,Description,Duty,Typical Thickness
1,Floor seal,normally applied in two coats water based,light,up to 150u
2,Floor Coating,applied in two or more coats usually solvent free,light to medium,150u to 300u
3,High Build Coating,applied in two or more coats,light to medium,300u to 1000u (1mm)
4,Multi Layer Flooring,aggregate "sandwich" system built up layers,medium to heavy,>2mm
5,Flow Applied,self-smoothing,medium to heavy,2mm to 3mm
6,Resin Screed,Trowel Applied heavily filled sometimes sealed,medium to heavy,>4mm
7,Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring,having a smooth surface,Heavy to Very Heavy Duty,4-6mm
8,Heavy Duty Resin Flooring,Trowel Applied effectively impervious,very heavy duty,>6mm

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Floor Coating

 These are generally solvent free epoxy or polyurethane coatings, they don’t “dry” like ordinary paints they chemically “cure” giving a much higher and tougher film build than conventional paints. Factory areas can be transformed by the use these kind of products. Reprotec UK Limited are trained and competent in all areas of floor preparation and coatings and not only use their own products, but are approved by all the major manufacturers i.e. Altro, Flowcrete, Resdev, Remmers etc.

Below is a factory area which has been transformed by using Reprotec Tufflor

Argos 001         Reprotec Tufflor

Argos 3M Polish 023         Argos 003