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Type,Name,Description,Duty,Typical Thickness
1,Floor seal,normally applied in two coats water based,light,up to 150u
2,Floor Coating,applied in two or more coats usually solvent free,light to medium,150u to 300u
3,High Build Coating,applied in two or more coats,light to medium,300u to 1000u (1mm)
4,Multi Layer Flooring,aggregate "sandwich" system built up layers,medium to heavy,>2mm
5,Flow Applied,self-smoothing,medium to heavy,2mm to 3mm
6,Resin Screed,Trowel Applied heavily filled sometimes sealed,medium to heavy,>4mm
7,Heavy Duty Flowable Flooring,having a smooth surface,Heavy to Very Heavy Duty,4-6mm
8,Heavy Duty Resin Flooring,Trowel Applied effectively impervious,very heavy duty,>6mm

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Flow applied resin flooring is often called a self smoothing system, they are trowel applied or pin raked are very resin rich and tough and resilient, normally used in food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail.

They can also be made in anti static form for an electronic dissipative floor for electronics and computer manufacture and in areas at risk of explosion.


 below is a Flow applied product from ALTRO in a retail environment.

 A three-part solvent-free, epoxy resin system for application to level floors, providing an easily cleaned smooth, seamless surface, with good chemical and impact resistance. AltroFlow is finished to a high gloss and available with a choice of thickness of 1mm, 2mm and 3mm, to suit the texture of the substrate.