1. Award-winning quality—30 years’ technical knowledge and experience

Our customers trust Reprotec UK when they need expert technical advice on fabric and structural issues of buildings. Reprotec has gained numerous awards for expertise, installations and commitment to environmental sustainability.


2. Trained, Qualified Employed staff 

Reprotec’s staff are fully trained and qualified operatives who are permanently employed, ensuring all work is carried out to quality standards.


3.  Guaranteed Work

Our systems are installed with certificates of guarantee for up to 25 years.


4.  One-stop-shop for repair and surface protection


Reprotec is a one-stop-shop providing our clients with bespoke technological systems for all surfaces—floors, ceilings, walls, bunds, tanks and roofs.


5.  Wide range of services—interior and exterior

Reprotec’s resin floors include coatings, screeds, stone carpets resin self-levellers, roof repairs, demarcations for internal and external premises.


6.  Environmental Sustainability 

Reprotec is committed to ‘green’ products—solvent-free, Ultra-low VOC materials, some of which contain up to 45% post-consumer recyclates from UK suppliers. Repro-tec Group’s HQ is based in Durham—local to NISSAN and keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.


7.  Bespoke solutions

Reprotec provide bespoke solutions including anti-slip, hygienic and anti-static fea-tures for all surfaces.


8.  Waste reduction & management: NO DUST—NO FUMES— NO MESS

Reprotec is a Licensed Waste Carrier, keeping the customer’s site clean and hazard-free. Reprotec regularly achieves 100% record of landfill diversion, 100% recycled waste, 100% dust-control.


9.  Integral Customer care

Our Customer Care experience begins at initial contact and continues through to the completion of the project, following which we continue our customer care with our Aftercare Service, creating a loyal customer partnership.


10. Peace of mind—minimum disruption to working practices

Projects are carried out at the best time for the customer, saving our customers time and money.

Resin Flooring
Anti-static Flooring
Anti-slip Flooring
High-build Coatings
Floor/Joint Repairs
Decorative Flake Systems
Stone Carpets
Comfort Flooring
Sports Flooring
Play and Leisure Surfacing
Quartz Screed
PU Screed
Clear Sealers
Self-levelling Screeds

Floor Signage
Line Demarcations
Thermo-plastic Road

Polymer Screeds
Pump Applied: Smooth/Level Compounds
Soft Flooring

Walls & Ceilings
Hygiene Coatings
General Decoration
External Cladding

Leak detection
Roof Repair
Cladding Protection
Roof Cleaning
Anti-corrosion Protection

Storage Tanking & Containment Repair & Protection
Chemical Bunds
Anti-corrosion Protection

Dust-controlled Surface Preparation
Diamond Grinding
Floor Planning
Concrete Polishing

Drainage & Gulleys